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TREZOR Hardware Wallet Guide

The TREZOR is the original cryptocurrency hardware wallet, it is easy to use and besides the Ledger the most used one, it is available for purchase here. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, you can also check other guides (like this excellent one for Ethereum and its tokens using MyEtherWallet, this guide is based on it).

Initial set-up

The TREZOR has two buttons that are used to confirm/deny actions. To start the set-up of your TREZOR, go to the URL displayed.

Please read all the information on this page. It gives you a bunch of information and instructions on how the TREZOR works, you will need this information in the next steps.

Once you've read all the information on this page thoroughly, you can continue.

After clicking the green "Done, let's go!" button, you will be redirected to This is where you will be setting up your TREZOR. Enter a name for your TREZOR, and click Continue.

You will now have to enter a new PIN that you will use to access your TREZOR any time you want to access your wallets. Make sure this is a hard to guess pin, so that others won't be able to get access to your TREZOR. If you are not sure how PINs work with the TREZOR, look here for more information.

Example: I want to set "8963" as pin. This would mean that I have to click the lower-left button, then the middle-right button, then the lower-middle button, and finally the upper-left button.

Now re-enter your PIN you just created. Be aware that the order of the numbers on your TREZOR has changed, so you will have to click different buttons in order to enter the correct PIN.

Next, the TREZOR will give you 24 random words that you will have to write down on the provided card in the box. These are the recovery words, also known as seed, that you will have to use when you want to restore your TREZOR in case it fails or you accidentally reset the TREZOR. Once you've written down all of the words it will ask you to confirm your recovery phrase, in order to make sure that you've written them down correctly.

Do not save these recovery words on your computer, as it will be just as unsafe as using a normal private key. Always write them down physically using a pen, on a piece of paper only you have access to. Also do not take a photo of your piece of paper.

Now your TREZOR is all set-up and ready to be used!

Using the TREZOR with MyDashWallet

It's time to access our TREZOR using MyDashWallet! In order to do so, go to and click the "TREZOR Hardware Wallet" button.

Plug in your TREZOR, you will see this window pop up, click "Export" and you are in (easy, isn't it?).

Now you can see how much Dash you have in total on the top right, spend it or use one of the other features of MyDashWallet. Every action still needs to be confirmed on your hardware device.

Below your amount you will see a long list of different Dash addresses used yet (latest fresh one with QR code that can be scanned or copied to get more Dash to your hardware wallet). Over time this list can get bigger, each of the addresses can be clicked to check the status in detail. All of these addresses are safely stored on your TREZOR, and they all belong to you can are used when you sending Dash automatically by the TREZOR.

Restoring your TREZOR

TREZOR made a clear and easy to follow guide on how to restore your TREZOR here.


TREZOR has an extensive knowledge base that you can find here. There is a big chance that it's already listed on one of them. If not, feel free to contact either TREZOR or